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Varities of Dates

Some 30 varieties of dates are grown in Pakistan. Of this number only about 5 varieties are commercially viable ones.
“Soft” dates have a soft flesh, higher moisture content and contain fully inverted sugars. Since these varieties are fragile, they are manually harvested, carefully handled and kept refrigerated to prevent deterioration. Familiar varieties are Aseel, Begum Jangi (B.J.), Karba and Rabbai. Tender and deliciously sweet, the soft varieties are popular for snacking.

“Semi-dry” dates have firmer flesh and relatively lower moisture content. Although the total sugars in the semi-dry dates are approximately equal to those in the softer dates, the sugars have not fully inverted. Rather, the semi-dry dates contain about 50% inverted sugars and 50% sucrose. Since they are firmer, semi-dry dates can be harvested mechanically, can be processed successfully, and can be held in moisture proof packaging with little deterioration.
“Dry Dates” (known as “Bread Dates”) have a high sugar content, low moisture content and dry, hard flesh. The light-colored Chowara is a good example.

Commercial varieties of Dates

Begum Jangi (B.J)

These are soft and short dates grown in Baluchistan province. These are known for their exquisite sweet taste. Medium thin skin and rather easily broken, this is a soft, syrupy tasting date with tender, firm flesh.


These are brown coloured dates and are the pride of the province of Sindh. These possess a delicate flavor, and are firm-textured in appearance. Mainly used for retail supply in the local market. Its production makes up 90% of Pakistan’s total date crop.

Turbat Mixed (T. Mix)

These are a selected mix of dates of nearly a similar texture and size. These are mainly used as raw material for Date paste and Dates Block. These are grown in the province of Baluchistan.


These are a long brown coloured dates and are the produce of province of N.W.F.P. These are mainly used for local consumption in the retail market.


These are black coloured dates produced in the province of Baluchistan and have a good export market for use in Date Block, Dated Paste and as Chopped Dates.

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